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I am interested in purchasing the complete gel nail kit for $75 USD, but have a few questions.

1. Unlike other products on the market, this kit doesn't include a dehydrator or PH bonder. Why is that? Is the gel formulated to be used without it? 

Yes, that is correct. You "only" need THEGEL® to bond, as a base, a top coat and to mix with regular polish to turn it into a gel polish. The gel was developed to adhere to shine! You will no longer need to "etch" the natural nail bed before or after applying the gel tip or use a separate liquid bonder. The nail bed will need to be thoroughly wiped clean and dehydrated with cleanser before applying the gel or gel tip.  

2. Are the actual nail tips made of plastic? Or are they made of a hard gel?

All nail tips are made of plastic. If they can be soaked off with acetone or acrylic remover they are made from some form of acrylic or plastic. Gel is basically a form of acrylic - acrylic in a gel formula. Hard gel/acrylic can not be soaked off. It must be filed off to remove. Our gel tips are not made from hard gel and can be soaked off.

3. What style tips does the whole kit come with? I was looking to get the stiletto style. Can I order those tips with the starter kit? Or would I need to purchase separately?

The kit comes with the long, stiletto style tip. It will not be necessary to purchase "anything" separately. The kit supplies you with "everything", even the light to cure with.

4. Is there any type of return policy or money back guarantee? There aren't many products like this on the market and the ones that are, are considerably more expensive. I'm hesitant to buy a cheaper alternative in fear of the quality not being the same.

We do not allow a return of or money back guarantee. "Everything" you see on the web is as described. Please, ask any and all questions you need to, if you need any help or guidance as you use this system. You will find, it is the easiest system to work with - once you get the hang of it.  Just read and follow the directions as you go a long, even if your an experienced nail technician or someone just trying something new for the first time. After using the gel clip with the combination of the gel and the tip, you'll be saying, "why didn't I think of, or find out about this a long time ago". It will save you so much time, with superior results! 

Thank you

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